Spices help taste! Add to it!Spices help taste! Add to it!Spices help taste! Add to it!Spices help taste! Add to it!

If you want to experiment with different  taste options, we can  help. At live events you will find over 50 flavors to choose


We produce high quality gourmet sea salts, peppers & blends. They are unique products that are made by hand in small batches with over 90% of the additives  grown or made by us. In addition to displaying and selling over 50 varieties at various markets and events, we specialize in making YOUR OWN salt or blend. Personalized holiday gifts, wedding favors, corporate gifts or event items can be quickly made and delivered by us.  ​

     You can see our full line in person at our various events. Garlic based salts and blends are our main products.  We specialize in Black Garlic. "Tony's Tremendous" topping has risen to the top in sales. It works on everything!

 Our salts and blends are of the highest quality and are packaged in the best available grinder made in South Africa

Schedule is on "about" page. A list of  flavors can be found on the Salt Collection page.